Farmers’ Market relaunch

October 25, 2009

Intersting to see the city’s Farmer’s Market is being moved away from its position in the middle of the main retail market to a new position on Humberstone Gate.  Being surrounded by a huge range of apparently similar but  much cheaper stuff was also a tough proposition for the farmers and smallholders trying to make a pitch for the foodie pound, and to this outsider it never really seemed to take off in the way I understand Melton’s and Loughborough’s have. Many reasons for that of course, but I would think giving it a space of its own might be a smart move, lending  distinctiveness and attracting the shopper who found wandering though our market a little too stressful. The date has changed too – now being on the first Thursday of the month, starting on 5th November. We’re promised game and poultry, bread, cakes, cheese, ice-cream, eggs, beer, cider, chillis, fish (locally sourced? really? Could be trout I s’pose), preserves, honey, pies,ready meals, plants. soap and, erm,  dog-biscuits.

Recommendations welcome.


One Response to “Farmers’ Market relaunch”

  1. Simon H said

    I look forward to ths one. Thanks for the tip Tim!!


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