Not so easy, Tiger

October 29, 2009

Been trying, and so far failing,  to get a table at Blind Tiger – Leicestershire’s latest (maybe only?) “secret supper club”.

The idea is a once a month club where a  four course meal is served in a secret location revealed only just before the event and to those 20 or so booked in. In other ways, following a feature and now a positive review in the Leicester Mercury, the “secret” is fairly superflous and the November event is sold out already. The menu for October sounds very sesonal and appealing – a belly of pork and crackling amuse bouche, smoked Rutland Water trout with beetroot capaccio, roast partridge and game chips and parsnip puree , finishing up with what I fondly think of as  my own signature dish – pear tarte tatin. 

 The Blind Tiger folk  seem like really nice people, and from the looks of things a lot more clued up than the shower currently trying to impress Raymond Blanc on my TV. The idea is great – if they can continue to deliver good food to a clientele that is excited by food, everyone could have a lot of fun. I wonder if once the excitement of launching has worn off they’ll continue to find the motivation – certainly hope so.

If anyone’s been and would like to comment  – please go ahead.


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