Hambleton Hall

November 2, 2009

Booked in for dinner at Hambleton Hall at the end of  November. Very excited. This extravagance will  be covered by a combination of redundancy cheque and a tidy little bet placed last year on Leicester City to win League One.  I’ve eaten Aaron Patterson’s food only once – an experience that was broadcast on the Great British Menu on  BBC 2, but I don’t like to talk about it – and it was heavenly. The fattest langoustines I’ve ever seen with a clear tomato essence  of rare intensity, plus an assiette of rabbit that was both technically spot on and fantastically flavoursome. I’ve met him on a couple of other occasions and he has always struck me as an extremely modest and pleasant man.  I suspect the main reason he was not selected for GBM was not so much his food but  that the producers felt they would get “better TV” by pitching the more upfront personalities of Glyn Purnell and Sat Bains into the kitchen together for a week.  No disrespect to those two of course.

Anyhow I’m hoping there will be some game on the menu. If anyone has been recently and wants to make some recommendations – please go ahead.


5 Responses to “Hambleton Hall”

  1. alex said

    so you should be excited – its a quality experience. i ate there in the summer and found the starters in particular tip top – i’d also recommend the assiette of deserts if you are in the mood for sharing (tho stay clear of the paintstrippingly sharp passionfruit one).

    Sat Bains is number one for me – do the tasting menu, you won’t be disappointed.

    Purnell’s next month – paid for by my no longer needed cigarette money (hopefully)


  2. riponia said

    That is a great way to celebrate giving up the weed. Do feed back on the Purnell experience.


  3. Charlotte said

    Passionfruit jelly with air dried pineapple is a combination of flavours that my tongue has only just forgotten.

    There was a bit on Today last week some time about B’ham and their starred restaurants and they interviewed Purnell. He seemed (as he always does on the Britain’s cheffy thing) a man with a sense of humour and a bit of passion.



    • riponia said

      From the website menu passionfruit souffle with passionfruit and banana sorbet appealed – but thanks for the tip, I’ll tread carefully.

      Purnell is a brilliant advocate for Birmingham. Every city needs one.


  4. […] –  The Woodhouse and Boboli have both featured in these pages and deserve their success.  Hambleton Hall is listed as number 31 inthe GFG’s list of the nation’s top fifty restuarants and […]


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