It’s an Autumn Almanack

November 3, 2009

A quick spin around Highcross this morning showed work is progressing apace on the Almanack. I’ve got moderately high hopes for this venture (located near the Highcross Street entrance  – opposite  Canas Y Tapas). Owners the Peach Pub Company appear to have done a good job with the Kenilworth gastro pub of the same name. Co-founder Lee Cash worked with Raymond Blanc for eight years and appears to take sourcing very seriously,  joining initiatives such as Scottish Skippers Scheme, linking up chefs to trawlermen so that chefs are able to plan for what is in the catch.  All their chicken and pork is free range, and the company – which has I think around eight pubs now –  won a Caterer award recently as one of the best places to work in the industry. 

The Kenilworth  pub offers  food all day round, under direction of Corin Earland,  and while fish and chips and sausage mash are on offer, so is  a wide range of more unexpected fare – salt & vinegar baked beetroot with spiced lentil salad or pan-fried Welsh sea bass, sauteed leeks & artichokes. There are also   “deli boards” for under a tenner offering combinations such as smoked mackerel pate, prawns in marie rose, sweet cured herrings, fish goujons, beetroot tartare sauce and rye bread, or a cold cuts board with free-range ham, roast beef, chipolata, pate, piccalli and warm bread.


5 Responses to “It’s an Autumn Almanack”

  1. Pete White said

    Excellent news. The corporate chain eateries around Highcross don’t half depress the appetite. This should give some point to wandering to that end of town. (As well as Maiyango, of course.)

    Thanks for setting up this blog – it’s much needed and tastily interesting. Keep it coming!


  2. Charlotte said

    Oooh, this sounds good – I agree with Pete, although I’m a sucker for a bit of raw fish…



  3. Pete White said

    Good point. I admit I haven’t tried the sushi bar yet – though it looks promising. Thanks for the reminder. What do you recommend, Charlotte? Or is it all good….?


  4. alex said

    has anybody experienced the new steak place in Highcross – called something along the lines of ‘1507’- numbers might be wrong (i was never very good at maths). its expensive enough that i want to hear good things about it before i try it?


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