Go on, go on, Goan

November 4, 2009

Another new restaurant is close to opening on the edge of Highcross. Anjuna bills itself rather curiously as “Indian and Goan”. Much as I like the idea of a Goan restaurant in Leicester,  that soubriquet does ring a few alarm bells  – as if they want to trade on  the cachet of something a little different, while still reassuring punters that, yeah you can till get an onion bhajee and lamb bhuna.  One of the reasons that Granby Street’s Kayal is such a fine restaurant is that they focus on  authentic Keralan food. Now authenticity by itself does not guarantee food being good or bad, but what it does suggest is that a restauarant is confident of its offering,  that it is serving up a cuisine that is tried and tested over generations rather than something trimmed, altered and messed around with in the pursuit of  custom.

I look forward to trying Anjuna in due course nonetheless.  It’s located on Highcross Street, next to the casino in a site that previously housed relatively shortlived Italian and Thai restaurants.


5 Responses to “Go on, go on, Goan”

  1. david said

    Hello all

    I work at the Anjuna restaurant and we are now open to the public. I can say the food it excelante and I would recomend it to every one has the food and specially the “Goan” food is out of this world. when we meet are greet you at the door you will feel like u have been there before has we are so welcoming to all customers. While you are they you will feel like you are at the goan beach and it has a beach feel to and you get this from the decor. I could not as to work at a better place in leicester


  2. riponia said

    Thanks for commenting – I saw you were now open and took at a look at your menu. I look forward to calling in and trying the Goan specialities, especially a pork vindaloo and a xacutti.


  3. Jane Moore said

    Can confirm,first hand,that the food is amazing and authentic. We got married in Goa, loved the food and decided to celebrate our Anniversary in a Goan Restuarant. The food was so delicious and authentic but what was more impressive we received the traditional warm welcome and service that the Goan’s are known for.
    Would highly recommend.


  4. My wife and I dined in Anjuna on a Friday night and I must say we enjoyed it thoroughly. My wife has been to Goa and she found the food In Anjuna very authentic. I tried the coconut lamb curry which was very tasty! Staff were very friendly and welcoming. No doubt will be dining here again.


  5. bardezborn said

    Gotta love Anjuna. I miss Goa 🙂




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