Market forces

November 5, 2009

Farmers market 107

Made a lightning guerrilla raid in a spare 15 minutes to Leicester’s relaunched Farmers’ Market (see post on 25 October). First signs were very positive. It felt a lot more special in its new home and even at 10am appeared to be creating a lot of interest. First purchase was some Egremont Russets (see left – how do ya like dem apples?), the arrival of which is always a highlight of the year for me – though I admit I’m happy to just look at how beautiful they are. Then it was along to the Pick’s farm stall for a couple of dexter burgers (see 31 October). I also picked some value items for autumn evening comfort eating – pork ribs and some dainty little pieces of dexter oxtail. Brockleby’s farm is another stalwart of these events and I got some lamb fillet from their flock of rare breed Jacob sheep.

Farmers market 097

With a bit more time I would have investigated some fantastic looking bread, smoked trout, Lincolnshire Poacher cheese, and some of the tasty-looking game (below). Talking briefly with some of the traders they seemed optimistic about the new site. Would be interested to know how the figures stacked up by the end of the day. Did anyone rock along at lunchtime – how did it look?

Farmers market 105

8 Responses to “Market forces”

  1. Jessica said

    Looks great! Is it only open on weekdays?


  2. Simon H said

    Missed it as I was on the way to That London. I’ll put the first Thursday in December into the diary and have a look then


  3. alex said

    the pictures are enticing enough to actually change my ‘working from home’ day when the farmer’s market comes to town. looks so much better than when it was buried deep within the main market.


    • riponia said

      Thanks Alex. There’s a few more photos but I didn’t want to overload the post. I think there may be a way of linking to a gallery – I’ll investigate further.


  4. Esther said

    I bought Dexter burgers for the husband yesterday from Picks. The man knows me now … its embarrassing though – I’ve never dared tell him I’m vegetarian!


  5. Andrew said

    Yes to Russets, the pomme de ciel. But what is the Mexican selling? Is he frying an egg or riding a bicycle? Can you link to a flickr thingy?


  6. Charlotte said

    Look at the little bunny wabbits… Rabbit is about the only thing I’ve never managed to eat. Utterly illogical – I’ll happily scoff lambies, moo cows, bambi and horse (ahem) but just can’t do rabbit. Shame on me.


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