November 7, 2009

036Lunch on Friday at Flores. When this “world tapas” restaurant opened at the bottom end of New Walk, it was a very welcome attempt at bringing a bit of grown up sophistication to an area which come the evenings tends to be dominated by young people on the razz. It has a handsome exterior and a beautifully calm and comfortable interior.

As a bar it’s stunning – with an extraordinary, if pricey, range of beers and wines. When having dinner there I found the food imaginative and exciting – my main issue was with the world tapas concept. It offers a broad range of dishes from all types of cuisines in tapas-size dishes to share, mainly around £4 to £6. Individual dishes sounded wonderful but I found it hard to order a coherent meal, and if you found a dish you really liked, you not only had to try and hog it from everyone else, but it was gone in a couple of bites anyway.

An informal lunch for two seemed a better way to enjoy it. Starting with the best we had some fantastic belly of pork (below) – crisp skin and softly yielding meat, with superior black pudding, feisty English mustard and a healthy splodge of apple sauce.

pork belly and black pudding

Also excellent was a Greek salad, with some stunning feta. Now I really try with olives but have never been able to face them. The ones in this salad seemed so right for the dish I wolfed them down – a real breakthrough moment. Rather less successful was a claggy, luke warm pea,mint and saffron risotto, and a beautiful, elegant aubergine and mushroom moussaka with rather undercooked and bitter aubergine. Two glasses of excellent pinot grigio and two pots of really wonderfully large-leaf morrocan mint tea and the whole thing was £30.

Flores is most definitely a good thing. Even with the reservations expressed above, I reckon you should try it and see for yourself.


5 Responses to “Flores”

  1. Mike & Jessica said

    Just tried to book a table at Flores: After a several unanswered phone calls, I sent a mail and got a very terse reply saying “currently closed”. No mention of any problems on their website… what gives? Has anyone heard anything?


  2. riponia said

    Doesn’t sound good – I walked past today but didn’t notice anything. I’ll pass on anything I can find out.


  3. Mike & Jessica said

    😦 Damn. I was looking forward to eating there.


  4. […] at the foot of New Walk, the building that was most recently Barrington’s but before that was Flores, a fine-ish dining global tapas place that looked beautiful but I never really warmed to the […]


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