November 11, 2009

Good news – I’ve a place at the table for Blind Tiger’s  December event. Not sure if giving  a plug in this blog helped (see 29 October), but it seems they’ve expanded capacity for Christmas and are running three nights in the run up to Christmas. The menu wisely eschews turkey and will include Scotch quail’s egg, gin and juniper cured salmon,  Gressingham duck and Arctic Roll. That last element will have to be good if it is to replace the memory of  BirdsEye’s version from when I was  8 years old.


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  1. Mike & Jessica said

    We’ve got seats too!!! Friday night was our first choice, so will we see you there??


  2. riponia said

    I’ll be going on the Thursday. I’ll hold back on any report ’til after you’ve been – wouldn’t want to colour your judgment!


  3. Mike & Jessica said

    Just back from Blind Tiger. Bloody lovely. We have now decided how we want to eat for the rest of our lives 🙂


  4. riponia said

    Excellent news – when they changed the December dates we couldn’t make it so I have had to put it off again but I do live in hope for January. I see in February they’ve lined something up linked to the Comedy Festival – could be fun.


  5. Mike & Jessica said

    Do you know what’s happened to the Blind Tiger? They seem to have disappeared from Facebook…?


    • riponia said

      No – not heard from them. I wonder if it was always by it’s nature an occasional or short-lived venture. Maybe chef’s been offered a full-time job off the back of it!


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