Sushi search

November 16, 2009

Sushi. Interesting one. I’ve had a little. Quite liked it. Makes a difference from a sandwich when passing through Marks and Spencer. But one of the things that enthusiasts say about it is that really good sushi is a revelation – but it needs to be hyperfresh and cut by a chef who’s trained for 37 years or something.  So I’d like to try the very best. And much as it’s fun and funky, I don’t think that’s Yo Sushi.

So I’m pleased we’re getting a new sushi restaurant in central Leicester, Belvoir St, in a site that was a short-lived juice bar and even shorter lived chicken franchise.  But  once again I’m a little disconcerted by its strapline:

sushi 001

Why call it a Japanese Sushi restaurant? To distinguish it from all those dodgy Tuscan sushi bars? 

I look forward to trying it, but a longer term aim would be to visit Derby’s Ebi Sushi. I’ve read incredulous, not to say patronising,  reviews marvelling that the best sushi in the UK should be found in the centre of Derby. The presence of a ginormous Japanese car factory just up the road could just  be a factor.  If anyone’s been, please do feed back.  If anyone’s going – I’d happily join in.


One Response to “Sushi search”

  1. Jessica & Mike said

    We walked past this place on Saturday and it’s open: it’s a conveyor belt sushi house complete with plastic food models in the window 🙂


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