Leicester Food festival

November 22, 2009

Given it was a rather cold, wet , miserable day, Leicester’s Food Festival was a rather jolly affair. You have  to wonder why anyone organises an outdoor event in England in November, though at least this was under cover in what we are assured is “Europe’s Largest Covered Market”.  One reason for the choice of date may well be that despite the weather the city centre was buzzing with early Christmas shoppers and turnout was really rather good – in the main trade seemed fairly brisk.  

The majority of market stalls were in use –  some were familiar from farmers’ markets, but a number were new to me at least.  Watching the  live cooking demonstrations required standing out in the rain but there were small, hardy crowds attracted by a hardworking, relentlessly jolly host.

Anyhow, I was tempted by the mallards in feather (below right) but took the easy option in the end of a plump, plucked pheasant that will be casseroled later this week, some chilli chutney –  I am physically unable to come away from such places without a jar of chutney, a belly of rare-breed pork joint from Woodhouse Farm near Loughborough, some hot-smoked salmon and horseradish fishcakes, a jar of damson jelly and some chanterelles from a glorious mushroom stall (below).

All in all, a good way to spend a couple of hours regardless of the weather.  Hope we do it again next year – why not have a summer festival too?


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