Almanack opens

November 26, 2009

I’m filing this post whilst sitting having breakfast in the Almanack, Leicester’s new modern urban gastropub. The offer of free coffee and free toast in no way influences this plug (the free toast in the mornings will continue after this opening week).  Staff seem skilled and friendly, the menu appealing, the decor chic – there’s plenty to like. Manager says people seem to think they are a style bar, but their vibe is very much a relaxed, welcoming  pub. Official opening is tomorrow.  I’ll be coming to eat when I can – reports welcome in the meantime –


6 Responses to “Almanack opens”

  1. alex said

    Hah, admit it, you were only there until twilight showing started at the cinema de lux


  2. Jessica said

    Mike & I had lunch there today, and it was pretty good. The menu is fairly extensive, which, when combined with the specials, makes it hard to choose. Staff are friendly and service is efficient but not over the top. Portions are on the large side, prices reasonable.
    Mike had slow roast pork, which he said was really tender. In itself it didn’t have a lot of flavour, but the accompanying items (curly kale and butter beans in a tomato & paprika sauce) complimented it perfectly. I had fish pie, which was made traditionally with huge chunks of salmon inside, as well as scallops, a few small prawns, and some white fish. I found it lacking in seasoning, but there’s a pepper mill on every table- which I made liberal use of!
    Just check what actually comes with your meal- the fish pie is just that, so if you want veg you have to order separately. Likewise, the pork didn’t come with potatoes.
    There was also a decent selection of drinks: Mike opted for a pint of Purity and I had mulled wine. The latter I don’t think was made in house though.
    All in all- good! Would recommend to a friend.


    • riponia said

      Cheers – sounds promising. I’ve heard some good, some not so good reports – though those with a negative experience said it was all dealt very well – which went a long way to encouraging them to give it another try. I received a voucher for a two-course deal in January (maybe you did too?!) so look forward to trying it soon.


  3. Peanut said

    Hello Tim

    Just checking out your Leicestershire Food Blog. Thanks so much for setting up this blog – its brilliant. I have somewhere to go now for other peoples thoughts and feelings about food in and around Leicestershire. Great idea Tim. Thank you!

    Re Almanack in Highcross:

    I echo EVERYTHING that has been said about the friendliness of staff, about the ‘comfortableness’, the decor etc. Absolutely 10/10 for effort front of house. Although being picky (which I hope I’m aloud to be if I add a comment to this blog, as foods really important!) I would say that this is not a Gastropub. Its not even a pub, really, its a bar that sells food as well but also has some real ales.

    Foodwise, however, I was not as impressed. I ordered the onion tart. This involved the placing of a slightly too sharp red onion marmalade into a pastry case, which in my book does not a tart maketh. I was obviously in a Tart mood as I then opted for the chocolate tart. The pastry was short and crumbly, but again lacked any real flavour. I would be surprised if butter was used in the pastry: is butter too much to ask for? The filling was rich, chocolatey, and in fact pleasant, but no more than pleasant, and the lovely accompanying cream was too scarce. Echo again comments above about accompaniments.
    My rating, and that of the rest of the group I was with, would be Average.

    Unfortunately, or fortunately, I have since spoken to a number of others who have had really good food experiences at Almanack, so don’t listen to me, find out for yourself, but I wont be going back I am afraid. Average is not enough . . .
    On the other hand, I am really disappointed the secret of Fish Friday at the Swan and Rushes is out. Now there’s a Real pub doing exactly what you said Tim, serving simple things REALY, REALLY well.

    PS promise not to rant on too often about crap food experiences. Promise



    • riponia said

      Rant away Peanut – the more views we have the closer we get to a rounded view. I’m well chuffed when anyone takes the time to contribute here – makes it much more useful than having just me.


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