Toro Latino

December 10, 2009

Market Harborough is a spruce, well-heeled little town where you might expect to find nice restaurants.   Some of the better ones are actually off  in the comfortable surrounding villages of South and East Leicestershire. But I’m pleased to report on a pleasant meal last night in this unpretentious Spanish resturant  situated in a side road off the main drag (Abbey Street).

Despite the name, there’s not too much  ibero-tat, but a clean. modern feel. That made it a little on the cold side atmosphere-wise as we arrived but it soon filled with good-humoured small Christmas party groups which helped warm things up. The menu is fairly standard for its type with the odd Mexican dish thrown in. We, being well up for a bit of a feast. selected three tapas to share as starters followed by main course dishes. Sardines were excellent – plenty of garlic and olive oil with some finely diced capers to give a bit of bite, and a little stew of lamb and potatoes was full-flavoured comfort food,   while  enchiladas too were tasty, generously cheesy.

Deborah’s chicken and seafood paella was stuffed with mussels, butterflied prawns, squid and poultry. Subtle it wasn’t, but again generous is the word that comes to mind, in quantity and flavours.  I picked fish piri piri –  some firm, flavoursome fillets in a really kicking chill dressing with plenty of chunky veg.  All our food shared this earthy, full on approach to flavour. Had just the briefest look at the wine list which was short and sensibly seemed to major on fruity upfront South American wines – the sort of undemanding stuff  that gives wine critics palpitations but is proabably right for the food here.  

Service was a bit hit and miss in truth, pleasant young people who didn’t really manage to convey the sense they had quite mastered customer service and  we struggled at times to get across what we wanted.  None the less, a  nice little neighbourhood joint offering decent value, and I’d be happy to go back.


One Response to “Toro Latino”

  1. riponia said

    Had a return visit here last night and the positive picture was reinforced. Nothing very fancy but good, generously poportioned comfort food with bold flavours. On a Moday and Tuesday there’s five tapas for £20 – we had the like of chicken breast wrapped in serrano ham in a white wine sauce and chorizo and chick pea stew, and with cocktails at two for one – we had a very good mojito – this was excellent value.


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