Zesty House

December 22, 2009

Twice over the last  of couple of days I’ve had some lovely food courtesy of this simple Turkish cafe on Queen’s Road in Clarendon Park,  Leicester. With four formica tables it would be easy to mistake for a bog standard greasy spoon and, while burgers and pizza are on the menu, so is some seriously tasty meze. Last night a group of us shared some lahmacun –  flat bread with minced beef and a sprightly little salad, lively hummus, wonderfully tender and  flavoursome fried aubergines with tomato sauce, mousakka, iskander kebab – cubes of lamb and home-made bread ,with a youghurty sauce and a fresh greek salad with feisty feta.  Only the slightly stodgy kadayif pastry desert was less than excellent. Cafe food then, not fine dining but none the worse for that.  I’d had a chance to try more of their when they catered for a christmas party for around 30 of us at the weekend (see below) – it was simple food but fresh and with bold flavours.

This is a friendly, family run place that appears to be doing well by the solid virtues of good value and good food. I ‘ll definitely be going back regularly. I don’t  think they run to a website but you can see their menu here, courtesy of the Everymenu website run by my friend Alex (there you go Alex, said I’d find a way to give you a plug): Zesty House


6 Responses to “Zesty House”

  1. Jessica said

    We West-Enders can also heartily recommend the Turkish cafe on Narborough Road- it’s near the junction with Hinckley Road. They do a lovely mezze selection, their bread is to die for, and the Turkish Delight is the real deal 🙂


  2. riponia said

    I didn’t know about that – sounds a good tip and will try and make my way there sometime soon.


  3. Will said

    I can second that vote for Yesim Turkish cafe on the Narborough road. A real haven, with wonderful Börek, and immensely friendly. Also the best Baklava this side of Istanbul.


  4. Chris said

    Sorry to say that Zesty on Queens Road has now closed down. It had become a bit of a favourite in our house.


    • riponia said

      Thought I saw a sign when driving by. A shame – nice, friendly place but not much space and not really a hanging out kinda place. Hope they are able to run some sort of catering business, Would be nice to see a independent cafe/food shop take over but I fear another charity shop.


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