Digging in

January 6, 2010

For pure kitchen porn, Nigel Slater’s new TV series takes some beating.  A huge expanse of wooden worktop (sustainably grown I’m sure), oh-so-elegant gadgetry and to die for crockery. Yet however many earthy winter stews he produces there’s not one splish or splash to sully the look, nor washing up required.

But of course what saves everything is Slater’s eminently doable approach to cooking. Yes it looks easy, but actually, it is.  You don’t really have to be a domestic  god,  you just have to an adventurous palate and a respect for what’s seasonal and what goes well with what.

This new show  has a prime time slot on BBC1 and is linked to the  BBC campaign Dig In which is encouraging folk to grow their own vegetables and fruit.  I’ve not got space to go much beyond a herb garden, but I’m fully intending to use Slater’s epic  tome The Kitchen Diaries to help plan a few raids on the  sizeable and brilliantly-planted allotment of my pals Rob and Eliene.  If I felt I could give the commitment, I’d also be looking at schemes such as the Community Harvest project in Whetstone   http://www.community-harvest-whetstone.org.uk/.  One way or another, I’ll be eating more  local grown stuff this year.


3 Responses to “Digging in”

  1. Mike Mayer said

    I really enjoyed Nigels last series and have a fetish for the splattered, cream shallow Le Creuset Pan that he used constantly throughout the series.


  2. riponia said

    It was that broad-based mortar and pestle that I really coveted. If only I had that my food would taste so much better…


  3. alex said

    his last two cook books have been excellent – not only books with ‘doable recipes’ but great reading on a rainy day.


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