Tarte Tatin

February 11, 2010


Sorry if I’m boring people with my pear obsession but I made this  tarte tatin and the result was so simple and so freakin’ delicious I had to let everyone know. It’s slightly adapted from Yottam Ottolenghi. I made it in a 9 inch tatin dish  but any reasonably deep pie dish about this size should do.

Peel, core and halve four ripe pears.  Take a heavy pan and melt 100g of sugar until it becomes a dark caramel and, with care cos obviously it’s very hot,  add the pear halves and cook fairly slowly for 15 mins.  Meanwhile roll out 250g of puff pastry – thank you Jusroll – to a circle  just larger than your pie dish.  Put the pears cut side up in the  dish. Make a new caramel with a 100g of sugar and stir in 30 gm of butter – it will turn a lovely light milky brown. Pour it on the pears and place the puff pastry on top, just tucking it down the sides so you are making a shallow, upside-down bowl shape. Cook until the pastry is done – about 40 mins at around mark 5 should do.

Let it cool for a bit and invert on to a plate – there shouldn’t be much runny caramel but take care. I’d serve it with it nowt but a bit a cream. And it’s as glorouous cold as it is warm (don’t it eat from-the-oven hot).


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