Of pubs and politicians

February 18, 2010

Back on the post of 10 January, I was eulogising over the Victoria Arms in Beeston and asked what pubs people would like to see lifted up and put down in the middle of Leicester. To answer my own question – I think it’s this one in Norfolk – www.thepigs.org.uk . I’ve not been but the website makes it look irristible. Who could not love a pub that says of itself that it’s a “traditional pub with continental leanings  – if The Pigs was a politician it would be Kenneth Clarke” ?

The approach to combining food in a pub setting appears spot on and menu looks so inviting – they have a lot of tapas-style small plates called “Iffits” – if it tastes good and if it’s in season, it’s in.

Plenty of Leicester folk make it over to Cromer for the weekend  and this is only a small diversion, so if you do visit please do file a report here. 

And here’s a game next time you’re out for a beer – matching Leicester pubs with politicans. I suppose Entropy has to be Sir Peter Soulsby (his daughter owns it), Dos Hermanos maybe  Ed and David Milliband and The Last Plantaganet is obviously John Prescott.


5 Responses to “Of pubs and politicians”

  1. Kevin said

    Babelas could be Eugene Terreblanche – “babelas” is Afrikaanse for hangover.


    • riponia said

      Bit harsh maybe. Though I’m trying to think of a more likeable Afrikaans politician,and strangely nothing is coming. Helen Suzman? I don’t think she Dutch heritage. Maybe FW de Klerk.


      • Kevin said

        I was trying to combine the Afrikaanse and the hangover elements, but I agree that he’s not necessarily the first person you’d think of whilst sitting in Babelas supping your Landlord.


  2. Mike & Jessica said

    Oh, I’m sure you could have some fun with this.
    Pump & Tap = John Smith (well loved, gone before its time)
    Ale Wagon = Ann Widdecombe (not pretty but doesn’t care; beloved of brainy types, has integrity coming out of its pores)
    The Huntsman = Enoch Powell

    There must be more…


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