Granby Street hot spot

March 6, 2010

The success of Kayal on Granby Street in Leicester (and in Nottingham too)  has brought a competitor into the market in the shape of Dakshin. Owners had previously run a simple vegetarian takeaway on Belgrave Road, now they’ve taken on Kayal with a pan-South Indian  restaurant located right opposite, above the Polish grocery Wisla. A quick look at the menu shows they are undercutting Kayal and broadening the menu to include Keralan, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh dishes. Rather sadly they couldn’t resist adding a section  they call “Indian” to include curry house standards. I’d be surprised if they match the standards provided over the road, but  it will be interesting to see. Reports welcome.


2 Responses to “Granby Street hot spot”

  1. Sheetal said

    I’ve recently been to this Restaurant and I must say it’s superbly amazing. The good thing about this restaurant is it gives you a chance to taste the authentic food from different regions of southern part of India. Rather than the competitor that only talks about “Kerela” food. I would definitely recommend to dine here as the prices are quite reasonable as well.



  2. Joanne Green said

    I took a trip to Leicester from Tamworth today to go to Kayal and then I spotted Dakshin directly opposite. As we only wanted a light lunch and didn’t fancy paying more than £50 for a lunch, we thought we’d give it a go. I can only agree with the comment from Sheetal, the food was superbly amazing. Nice cosy warm atmosphere in there, service was lovely and attentive without ever being over the top. My partner had an executive Thali for £7.95 I think and that was just gorgeous – a chicken curry, fish curry, lamb saag, sambar, daal, yoghurt, gulab Jamon (I think she said that’s what it was called – sorry if that’s wrong) paratha and rice. Every dish was divine. I had the Chilli egg starter which was beautiful and that was followed by Chicken chetinnadu which was too fiery for me but so tasty served with kal dosa. With a couple of beers and a lassi, the bill came to £22 which was an absolute bargain for a meal so lovely. We were full of smiles all afternoon. We’ll definitely go again.


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