Las Iguanas

March 7, 2010

Friday evening, 6.45pm, the weekend’s here and the city is in a good mood. There were 12 of us having something of a reunion evening at Las Iguanas on Belvoir Street and I have to say the place does a really good job at helping people unwind and party.  With our group more interested in catching up with each other than paying attention to ordering or to what’s being delivered to the table we must have been a pain to deal with, but I was impressed with the hard-working staff, and the food – we just ordered plenty of tapas – was perfectly acceptable. In fact the chorizo in rioja and the saltcod fritters were very good. The caipirinhas were even better. The place was packed out  and the atmosphere lively and good humoured.   The chain’s whole Latin carnival schtick may seem a bit cheesy, but a room full of people having a good time is a great place to be and they deserve credit for pulling it off.


2 Responses to “Las Iguanas”

  1. Mike & Jessica said

    …Especially when the caipirinhas are on “two for one” in Happy Hour 🙂


    • riponia said

      Yeah we hadn’t realised we were in time for that -you should have seen the grin when they bought me two of those bad boys rather then the one I was expecting…


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