A Sushi Skeptic

April 21, 2010

A quick supper last night at Yo! Sushi before seeing a talk from  Jon Ronson courtesy of Leicester Skeptics in the Pub.   Kind of wish I’d not bothered – with the sushi that is, Jon Ronson was simply wonderful.   I didn’t expect transcendence from a sushi bar in Highcross, but I was shocked that the salmon in a dragon roll managed to be 100 per cent tasteless.  Chicken kutsu was unremarkable too, small pieces of  crumbed chicken wrapped in sushi rice with a spicy but somewhat gloopy sauce sploshed on top. Best dish was simple aubergine slices, possibly because I was able to whip it off the converyor belt the moment it went on. These were tender and tasty – plenty of umami here.  Quick and convenient certainly,  but I left  feeling I could have done rather better elsewhere.

As a footnote, I see that Cafe Rouge in Highcross has now opened  and at 6.45pm on a Tuesday was doing good business.  Still think its faux-francais look is more than slightly ludicrous in what is a glorified shopping precinct but am trying to keep an open mind.


4 Responses to “A Sushi Skeptic”

  1. Jessica said

    Have you tried Little Tokyo on Braunstone Gate? The food is fairly authentic…


  2. mappyuk said

    I agree about Yo Sushi. Very disappointing flavourless food occasionally drenched in soya sauce to make up for it. The Jon Ronson talk sounded interesting. I often hear him on the radio and find his views both funny and enlightening. I’m not sure about Little Tokyo either, last time I went the nigiri sushi had been hacked to death and not properly trimmed leaving me for the first time to remove ‘fish gristle’ from sushi and leave it on the side of the plate!


    • riponia said

      I think Sushi is definitely one of those things that when it is good it is very, very good , but when it is bad… . I’m still hoping to plan a trip to Ebi Sushi in Derby which is allegedly as good as it gets inthe UK thanks to patronage fom nearby Toyota plant.


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