A toadally new concept?

May 6, 2010

Assiduous trawling around recruitment columns sometimes throws up some interesting information. For example,  I can now reveal that a new “Gastrobar” is to open shortly in leicester  – I believe  Braunstone Gate but not sure exactly where –  entitled Natterjacks. You’ll be excited to know that this at “the leading edge of a brand new concept”.

The lucky head chef will preside over a venue where “quality dining is incorporated within a relaxed bar environment, reflecting the keys to the company ethos; a strong sense of pride, passion, honesty, loyalty, integrity, teamwork, enjoyment, fulfilment, progress and recognition, making both the customer and team member experience second to none.” Phew!

The daytime offer of the bar will present “an array of delicious well-presented light lunches and a great coffeee culture for local businesses, residents and students alike”.  No further detail of the nature of the cuisine yet – other than “gastrobar-style food” – but the evening will offer “a fantastic selection of freshly prepared dishes”.

It will have 90 covers and will open later this month. More info when I can get it.


4 Responses to “A toadally new concept?”

  1. Mike & Jessica said

    On the way past, we noticed that it’s where the old trainer warehouse/shop was. They’re doing the refit and advertising for staff. Should be interesting…


  2. Jessica said

    It’s going to be a Natterjacks- grand opening next weekend.


  3. Mike & Jessica said

    Just back from a meal at Natterjacks. It’s very much a pub/bar that serves food, rather than a gastropub. The menu’s short and concentrates mainly on the pizza/fried food groups, but the pizzas we had were pleasant enough: Sweet dough and very freshly-made. Bonus points for the onion rings and rocket salad.

    However, even early on a Friday evening, the place filled with laddish talking/shouting and uptempo “rock” music (as I believe young people call this sort of thing). My younger companion described the atmosphere as “lively”, conducive to a night out rather than a meal out.


    • riponia said

      Thanks – I had a quick look myself last week and it does seem early hopes of a quality food-led environment are dashed. A shame if sets the pattern for future development of Braunstone Gate – I think it was Rob Martin,a professional grump it must be said, who said it’s turning into Churchgate.


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