A Birthday Breakfast

May 10, 2010

I turned 50 this weekend and had a splendid celebration at Kayal in Leicester, but I’ve written before about the great food and delightful service there so I’ll just give a quick mention here of Dos Hermanos, where I celebrated on Saturday lunchtime.

Food bloggers know this title as the blog/site of the Majumdar Brothers, acerbic but compelling Welsh/Bengali restaurant critics. For Leicester people the eponymous  two brothers are the equally multicultural Husseins, who have given the city some its finest bars and eateries over the last 20 years.   Dos Hermanos is their Cuban-themed bar on Queens Road, next to their tapas restaurant Barcelonetta.  In the evenings it’s a busy, stylish but down to earth bar with a great line in cocktails and at weekend daytimes it is justly celebrated for its breakfast and brunchs.

My ususal weakness is the hangover-bashing corned beef hash or the spicy huevos rancheros. This time though it was Full Montys all round. Ordering can be a complex business as the combinations for this put- it- together yourself breakfast are almost infinite. As far as I remember I had two plump pork and leek sausages, two rashers of excellent dry-cured smoked bacon, two poached eggs, a superb homemade hashbrown, a sizeable puck of black pudding, house-cooked beans and brown toast. Homemade ketchups completed the picture.  The meal trod the line perfectly between having high quality, well-cooked  ingredients and not messing with the essential down and dirty appeal of an English breakfast.

Add in the company of friends, a bottle of cava and that delicious naughty feeling of starting drinking before midday and I was a happy boy.  Sensitive viewers look away now – it takes a better photographer than me to make a half-eaten cooked breakfast look appealing but hey, it still kind of captures the mood: 

The Full Monty


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