An Eggsotic present

May 28, 2010

An egg yesterday

One of the more novel presents from my recent birthday was this utterly lovely rhea’s egg.  The result of my friends’ visit to Twycross Zoo, its pastel yellow has lit up my kitchen for the last few days. I was assured it was a delicacy and was keen to try it but couldn’t bear the thought of smashing it.  Fortunately we have the internet, and a quick google search on opening a rhea’s egg produced a plethora of youtube films demonstrating  how to get into, and get the contents out of, the eggs of big birds. 

Basically you take a drill to it. I got it firmly wedged into a mug, and then – using a small drillbit at first  – applied gentle pressure, expecting it to go right through. In fact it took a good five minutes of gently increasing the pressure and the size of the bit, going cautiously to avoid plunging right in.  There was quite a pile of calcium dust by the time I got through to the inner membrane.  Once through, I gently tapped around the edge of the hole until it was maybe the size of a 2p coin and the innards could get out.  The result, as you can see above, is that I’ve still got this lovely object to display in the kitchen.

I wasn’t sure what to do with the contents but settled on a tortilla with potatoes,  red peppers and spicy spanish sausage. One egg – not substantially different in taste to the hen variety, but possibly a bit richer – made plenty for two people. So, many thanks Chris and Donna – I enjoyed it.

One Response to “An Eggsotic present”

  1. Chris said

    Great work Tim ! I knew you’d get something out of it – a meal and an ornament. Eggcellent ! (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)


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