Leicester Summer Food Festival

May 31, 2010

A good turnout for Sunday’s food festival and an all-round good vibe. It’s reassuring  when so many people want to come out in search of good food and hopefully many will have found something.  The only mildly irritating  factor is the narrow access between market stalls which quickly clogs up with buggys, mobility scooters and so on, but  better a bit of a crush than tumbleweed.  

There were plenty of good quality meats, cheeses, pies etc along with some great hot food from a range of city restaurants. Highlights for me were some wonderfully fragrant Italian sausages from the Squisito stall, a couple of halves of Malt and Two Veg – a brew from Langton’s made specially for  the market and Elizabeth’s, a stall full of mouthwatering pastries that emphasises that the city could really do with a top-notch patisserie. One thing I could do without is the current obsession with cupcakes – there seemed to be thousands of the brightly coloured but dull little cakes. Now we’ve had the last – surely – Sex and the City film maybe we can all move on.

I think there’ll be another winter festival – and I’m looking forward to the game stalls already. Let’s hope the good turnout encourages an even wider turnout of producers.

more bleeding cupcakes <sigh>kayal


3 Responses to “Leicester Summer Food Festival”

  1. Ben said

    What a great event. I blew £30 that day and still smell of pickled garlic!


  2. Mark said

    Couldn’t agree more about the Cupcake thing. It’s been baffling me all year why these are so popular. I guess it’s the new Doughcraft…. remember that?


    • riponia said

      Don’t remember Doughcraft but I think get your drift. It’s obviously fine to encourage young kids to bake and a cupcake might be just the thing for them to aspire to, but there’s no excuse as a grownup when there’s so much more you can do.


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