July 25, 2010

 A quick trip over to Narborough Road yesterday and some more loveliness obtained from the Yesim bakery.  The pide pictured on the right  was a real lunchtime treat. Baked in the traditional boat shape this particular one has a filling of spinach, soft cheese and a little mild onion. It may not look at its best with a chunk missing but I wanted to show the spongy, even texture.   Narborough Road is becoming a real delight – Polish, Turkish, Lithuanian,  Indian and may other stores and restaurants abound and the food culture is thrillingly diverse.


4 Responses to “Pide”

  1. Kevin said

    Never ashamed to show my ignorance, this looks good but is “pide” pronounced “pied” or “peed”? Or even pee-day?


  2. Mike Mayer said

    Mmmm pide bread. I’m really excited about this as it’s just around the corner from work. Do they sell that huge flatbread that is thin as parchment and folded up before selling?


    • riponia said

      Lavash? I’m not sure if they have it there but you can certainly buy it in the little supermarket next door and I did so on my last visit. It’s lovely stuff you can use as a wrap or bake it for a few minutes and it becomes flakey and perfect for using as with hummous and dips.


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