East Mids Food Fest

October 5, 2010

I managed a swift trip out to Brooksby for the East Midlands Food Festival  last Saturday, before rushing back to Leicester to witness the victorious dawn of the Eriksson era.  The festival is always rewarding, though my impression was that it was slightly smaller this year. Some things continue to confuse, even irritate  – exotically flavoured coffees are a personal no-no – while others draw me back like the proverbial moth. One day I’ll be able to walk past Mr Pitchfork’s pickles without stopping to fill up, but that day is nowhere near yet.   

My camera went kaput so there’s no pictures of the happy throng but here’s a bit of my swag  –

The Grasmere Farm pork,cider and apple sausages were absolutely marvellous – excellent texture and balance of sweet and savoury – and I’m looking forward to experimenting with the pear and pernod jelly from Seren Foods. The chocolates and macaroons  from Nottingham-based  Wildberry were far too gorgeous to last until a photo could be taken. 

One of the rewarding things about the event  is the chance to talk with producers, chefs, writers and others passionate about food. So here’s a few plugs I promised to nice people I met – the Smeeton Westerby-based Bridge 67 cookery school has an open day on this Thursday from 3-9pm if you’re free, where you can learn about their newly extended facilities and range of courses.  If you eat out regularly around the UK it is worth having a think about The Gourmet Society – this discount scheme which started in the East Midlands now operates around the UK and has two for one and 25 per cent off deals at thousands of restaurants including a good few that you would actually want to go to. And I’ve told you about Great Food Leicestershire and Rutland before but there’s no harm in a gentle reminder.


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