Light in the Piazza

October 7, 2010

Plans for some kind of food court in Leicester market have been run up the flagpole once or twice in recent years – now it seems someone has actually saluted.  The Leicester Mercury reports the council is to go ahead with plans to create what they are currently calling a Food Piazza  on the Western side of the market (over by Odeon Arcade).  A section of roof will be removed and 20 stalls ‘gazebo-style’ stalls (don’t ask me…) created. As well as food there’ll be opportunities for arty-crafty student types to flog their wares.

Leicester Market 

It seems the council has taken inspiration from markets in Barcelona, London and, erm Bury. Actually Bury does seems like the right kind of  model. Let’s face it, chances of recreating La Boqueria, with Gallowtree Gate doubling as the Ramblas, are somewhat remote. I’ve not been to Bury – maybe someone can report – but Stuart Maconie sang the market’s praises in his book about the North (Pies and Prejudice) and that’s good enough for me.  We may not have a meaningful streetfood tradition here – well, not beyond chippies and kebabs anyway – but anyone who has been to a music festival in recent years knows it’s perfectly possible to produce really rather exciting food from small, temporary kitchens. Let’s hope we get vendors with a bit of flair about them.   

This initiative appears separate from the plans to demolish and rebuild the indoor market (see my post from 23 March) but it seems to have the virtue of actually being going to happen soon.  A consultation with market traders finishes next week and work could take place in January.


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