The Rutland and Derby – a pub delicatessen

October 16, 2010

Interesting developments at this Leicester stylish city centre pub. A slightly scruffy studenty place in the eighties and nineties, it had a major makeover and emerged as smart, continental-style bar with a fantastic range of beers and spirits. It had good service, a lovely little courtyard and generally a bit of  the sophistication in short supply in Leicester.  When I was at Metro we made it Bar of the Year. It appeared to aim to offer serious food but never quite delivered,  finding it difficult to pull off the  urban gastropub thing. 

Anyway it’s now changed hands and is currently again being refurbished, shortly to emerge as the city’s first ‘deli-pub’. It promises to continue to offer a great range of drinks but will now also  have “an exciting range of foods from gorgonzola piccante to prosciutto da cinta” for consumption on and off the premises.

The people behind it are Ssoosh inns, a Kirby Muxloe-based  company that have developed The Forge in Glenfield and The Willow in Thurmaston. I’ve not visited either pub – so any views welcome – but the company seems to have a bit of something about them, so fingers crossed they hold on to what made the R&D a  welcome piece of Leicester’s jigsaw.  Should  re-open some time in November.



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