Leicester Market…and food courts

December 13, 2010

Thanks to Matt at Great Food Leicestershire and Rutland for alerting me to this beautiful, atmospheric film about Leicester Market, made by Nick Hamer of Intrepid Media. Filmed from early in the morning during the recent icy weather it really deserves two and a half minutes of your day.

While on the subject of the market, the council is taking suggestions of names for the new openair food court area to be created next year. The council has suggested  five names  but you can come up with your own  alternative to either Market Corner, Market Piazza, The Courtyard, Exchange Plaza or Market Courtyard. To vote, via a local newspaper site, click here .

Finally, on the subject of food courts, I have heard a  rumour there could be plans for the redevelopment of the old International  Hotel site on Rutland Street that might involve  student accommodation and  a public food court with opportunities for entry-level food businesses offering food to residents,  local shoppers and businesses.  I’ll look out for more details on this as it sounds a promising addition to an area that needs  investment.

4 Responses to “Leicester Market…and food courts”

  1. Jessica said

    Thanks Tim, I really anjoyed watching the video. The market is one of the things I’ve come to love about living in Leicester, and it’s good to see it celebrated like this.


  2. First I’ve seen of this video! it’s really good to see people who care about Leicester showing it!


  3. Harry said

    Nice one Nick. Two things: 1. isn’t the funding for the market revamp now in doubt? 2. having once looked at a possible conversion of the international hotel for student accommodation I am extremely doubtful anyone would do it. Rooms, bounded by concrete pillars, are to minimal hotel standards and too small to compete with other modern provision. Also, it’s in the wrong place. It needs to come down.


    • riponia said

      Yes I think large-scale redevelopment of the market which was to involve rebuilding the indoor markets has been shelved.I think the relatively small development of a food court is going ahead.

      I must admit the redevelopment of the International Hotel building did seem surprising. A couple of years back large chunks of concrete cladding were falling off – and while I know nothing about building and architecture somehow that didn’t seem a good sign. We’ll see.


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