A pie of rare quality

January 21, 2011


Had a very interesting morning talking with Tom Cockerill of Entropy about his use of rare breed meats, touching on the philosophic and ethical differences between breeding and raising animals for maximum yield or for improved eating quality. 

As part of it  he prepared one of the restaurant’s classically simple British dishes – beef and smoked oyster pie.

...and smoked oyster...

For the full story you’ll need to get the next issue of Great Food Leicestershire and Rutland  (just £15 for an annual subscription!), but basically the dish he cooked features rare breed South Devon steak supplied by Archers of Clarendon Park, Colchester oysters smoked in the kitchen over oak chippings  and a lovely gravy from beef stock,  Guinness and an individually made bouquet garni of fresh herbs. With the possible exception of the homemade beef stock, there wasn’t anything the competent home cook couldn’t have a go at.


Tom knows his restaurant is more expensive than his local competition but hopes his customers will appreciate what he’s trying to do. Certainly the results are evident in this wonderful pie, where beefy goodness is backed up by little hints of smoky saltiness. High up on the pieometer this one.


4 Responses to “A pie of rare quality”

  1. Chris said

    Wow. That looks amazing. It’s 6.30 Friday evening and I wish I could pull that pie out of my computer screen.


  2. […] a lot a about pork recently, partly inspired by a recent conversation with Tom Cockerill about rare breeds  and also be revelatory pork chop from the fine Archer’s butchers on Queen’s […]


  3. […] in that Entropy is set to close on 19 July. Tom Cockerill (below, having prepared a South Devon steak and smoked oyster pie just for me – smug grin) said earlier this year that the restaurant was on the market but he […]


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