New openings

February 28, 2011

A little news on a couple of  new openings.  Not that I can offer much to say about them as I’ve not been yet and nor as of the last day of February do they have fully functioning websites but some of you might appreciate the information nonetheless.

Of especial interest  is Assiette  in Stamford. I appreciate Stamford is strictly speaking not in Leicestershire or Rutland, but I’m excited about this as it is the new restaurant of Dameon Clarke, who’s  complex, unashamedly show-off  food I’ve massively enjoyed at Nick’s in Oakham and more recently at his –  now former – pub the Collyweston Slater. Opened last week, hope to go soon – reports welcome in the meantime.

A new little Italian called La Vida has opened on Northampton St in Leicester city centre, on the site of a former Thai Restaurant. It looks a modest, intimate kind of place and while there’s no menu on display, a peek through the window at the specials board showed monkfish was on offer, so hopefully they’ve got a proper chef  in there.

*Update – forgot to mention there is also now  a branch of Hot Rocks on Braunstone Gate.  The gimmick of this franchise business is to offer steaks for you to cook at your own table on preheated volcanic stones. One can’t help but be sceptical here – if I wanted the freedom to cook a £10 steak the way I prefer,  I’d get down to Archer’s  on Queen’s Road to pick out a hefty South Devon ribeye and cook it at home. And flames would be involved in the cooking somewhere.  It’s not going to be Hawksmoor   or  Goodman’s , but those with a steak craving may want to give it a try.


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