Urban Pie

March 7, 2011

I thougt I’d add to the unbridled excitement of Britsh Pie Week by passing on details of an offer from Highcross outlet Urban Pie.  Visit here, complete and print off the voucher and take it along before 6pm on Sunday 13th and you’ll get a half-price pie. You’ll have to give them an email address but you are all grown ups and can make a considered decision about this sort of thing.  I went in and tried the place when it opened and was disappointed with a dry, uninspiring effort.  I’ve heard more enthusiastic reports so this seems a pretty good time to go back and give them another try.  Their selection ranges from steak and stilton to chicken and asparagus, lamb and rosemary or seasonal vegetables.  

Pies. Urban pies.

3 Responses to “Urban Pie”

  1. Ross said

    Thanks for the tip Tim. I do like pies and so may well give that a go. Something in me though doesn’t warm to the idea of Pie gatecrashing Pancake’s week. I guess Pie would retorte (gerrit!) that this is the problem when you keep changing the date each year. I don’t know, I’m probably just talking crepe.


  2. Charlotte said

    Fatumph tish! I used to love urban pie, but always ate too much (story of my life).

    To celebrate pie week up here (yes, quips about it always being pie week in the NE are apparently acceptable even from a Southerner to a Geordie), I went with the knitting women to eat pie at a newly refurbed pub – The Central – in Gateshead. All home made pies with touches of the local beers & cider in. I was content, but the others said, ‘not a pie, just a stew with a puff pastry bit. It’s only a pie when it’s got more pastry.’ They then went off into a revelry about plate pies (nope, me neither), and a discussion about whether a) it was OK to eat pie every day for the whole of pie week and b) the relationship between pie week, Shrove Tuesday and, more importantly, International Women’s Day.


  3. riponia said

    Aren’t plate pies the big, flat type, preferably coming in a garishly printed tin from South America? I kind of agree that pies need sufficient pastry – certainly been disappointed with those airy-fairy lid ones, however good the stew beneath. Nonetheless The Central goes on the list for next time I’m up.


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