Incider news

April 15, 2011

Good to hear that a new commerically-produced Leicestershire farmhouse cider is being launched next week.  The BottleKicking Cider Company is based, naturally,  in Hallaton and started its first brew in September last year.   They are now ready to launch two ciders – the dry Scrambler and the medium Try-Line.  They are not saying too much about the apples – just that they are locally-grown that they use their own blend of eaters and cookers.

You’ll be able to sample both ciders  at the traditional Hallaton/Medbourne Bottle Kicking scrummage on Easter Monday and I know that Leicester’s Entropy is already lined up to stock it, with other venues hopefully to follow.  If you manage to find  some, do let us know here whether it hits the spot.


2 Responses to “Incider news”

  1. Rob said

    The Leicestershire cider has been really well received,draught sold out immediately , hopefully enough bottled to see us to the next finished batch. BKCC are currently (October 2011) producing mulled cider as well as some more draught to keep us warm in the Winter season


    • riponia said

      Excellent news – well not for us that you’ve sold out, but that it’s proved so popular. Very happy memories of mulled/spiced cider from the Somerset cider bus atr summer festivals so I’ll look out for yours too.


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