Just what we needed?

May 10, 2011

Yesterday I wrote about a big gap being filled with the arrival of a specialist tea and coffee merchant.  Now comes news of the other yawning chasm in Leicester’s culinary scene. Until now we’ve never had a decent Indian/Arabic/Italian fusion restaurant, but Endimaj is about to put that right.

I can’t tell you much more  – the website is still under construction and it’s not actually open just yet – but it is based in the premises of the late, lamented Watson’s in Upper Brown Street, opposite the late, even-more lamented by some, Phoenix Arts.  There’s a little internal square within the old building and that I understand will become a shisha area.  It’s great someone’s using that space again  – unfortunate that it sounds like a gimmick.  But let’s approach it with an open mind  eh?


2 Responses to “Just what we needed?”

  1. Jessica said

    Always good to hear about a new restaurant opening. But on the subject of gaps in the market, we were wondering whether there was a Vietnamese restaurant in Leicester- do you know of any?


  2. riponia said

    Don’t think we’ve ever had a Vietnamese in Leicester. I did hear tell of one Phat88 in Nottingham, but I see the website is “suspended” so it may not be there. Other than that the nearest would be either Pho68 in Sheffield or Viet An in Brum. If anyone does know of a cafe in the middle of Eyres Monsell that does cracking Pho, do let us know though.


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