More on Market Corner

May 17, 2011

Well the Market Corner launch all seemed to go off with bags of good will.  The presence of the new mayor at his first public function helped and there seemed to be a feel good factor all round.

Look, I know you probably want pictures of creamy cakes or spicy curries but what you've got is Cllr Westley, Mayor Soulsby and Cllr Alfonso and you'll just have to live with it for now.

There was particular satisfaction from Cllr Paul Westley, who’s family has been on the market for over 100 years, and who had had to really battle against some who wanted to resist the change. Chatting with Westley and newly-elected Councillor Dawn Alfonso, a leading figure with the Market Trader’s Federation, there was a clear sense both of their passion for the 2,000 year old market and their relief at reaching this key stage in the regeneration of the area and of a refocussing of the market towards quality. They know, as is obvious, the process doesn’t stop here but must involve other areas of the market along too. There will be different solutions for different aspects  but the market will have to shed any lingering reputation for knocking out cheap poor quality, end of life goods and the meat, game and fish market  must somewhow be revived and reintegrated.

As for Market Corner itself,  there was a buzz on opening day and if the area can be kept clean and tidy I think trade will continue to find its way there. It’s great that businesses like Bobby’s, Pick’s Farm, Woodhouse Farm and Deliflavour now have a regular city centre presence – their coffee is defintely worth a try. There were also  few new people to me  – the cakes at Dessert Island were lovely, and I was even won over by the cupcakes at Viva la Cupcake .  Food stalls will be there Fridays and Saturdays.

The launch comes handily before the latest Summer Food festival  – always an enjoyable event – which takes place on Sunday 29 May and will feature live presentations from people such as Bobby’s, Entropy and the Rutland and Derby deli-pub.

Sadly I’ll be off enjoying choucroute in Alsace, but I do hope to be around for the small  but equally enjoyable  Belgrave Hall Food Fair  which takes place 17 and 18 September  – put in your diaries.

4 Responses to “More on Market Corner”

  1. Ned said

    I think this is crucial. By Saturday afternoon the tables were a bit mucky – nothing too gross, but I did wonder who was responsible for them. I’m sure the market have thought about this but it’s all too easy to let these things slide after a few weeks.

    Anyway, I very much enjoyed by two visits and bought a lot of bacon from Woodhouse Farm, and hope it succeeds.


  2. Ben said

    Remember that it won’t just be a food location – I understand that there will be antiques stalls mid-week.


    • riponia said

      Yep the first antiques day is today Wednesday 18th from 9 to 4pm. The council has linked with a firm called Antiques2Go to arrange a variety of antiques and collectibles stalls.


  3. Jessica said

    We popped along on the Saturday and thought it had got off to a good start, although there’s space for more I thought so it will be nice to see it expand. Great to see shops from other parts of the city being given a bite at city centre trading- I spent a while chatting with the stallholder/owner of DeliFlavour (yes, the coffee was good!) and he was saying it was great the council was listening to small traders who can’t afford city centre rents.
    I’m happy we have the Market Corner and look forward to seeing how it evolves.


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