Brian Baker

May 19, 2011

I’ve enthused here before about The Marquess of Exeter in Lyddington, near Rutland. Yesterday afternoon I had the pleasure of a long chat with chef patron Brian Baker.  He’s had a fascinating career, a whiststlestop tour of which might start with being butcher’s delivery boy and go on to being the youngest ever chef to receive a Michelin star and several years spent buzzing around the world on private jets and 200ft yachts cooking for plutocrats and their A list guests. A later move involved running parties for 12,000 Vodafone staff with a budget of £6 million.

Running a gorgeous old inn in a smart but out of the way Rutland village might seem an odd move, but it’s fortunate for the region.  Baker does straightforward classics here that bear the imprint of all that he has learned – incredibly smooth parfait, perfect steak frites, and top notch creme brulee, with good service in a lovely enviornment. What more do you want?

If you want to read more, check out the forthcoming July issue of Great Food Leicestershire and Rutland.

2 Responses to “Brian Baker”

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  2. […] up a restuarant in Mayfair or taking over a pub in Leicestershire. I think of Brian Baker at the Marquess of Exeter, Dameon Clarke at the Wicked Witch and Adam Grey at The Red Lion in East Haddon as among the local […]


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