More cheese

June 6, 2011

Quick update on the cheese situation. Congratulations to Steve Parker who wins a copy of Tom Aikens’ book Cooking Creatively with Cheese, produced to mark the centenary of Long Clawson dairy. Happy cooking.

Other disappointed fromage fans might like to console themselves with a trip to Melton Mowbray this coming weekend and the first annual Artisan Cheese Festival. Held at the cattle market on the edge of the town centre, the event gives you chance to taste and buy from a range of specialist makers, many of them from our region and there will be pies, bread and wines available too.  Apparently  the event has attracted 21 delegates from the Japanese Imported Cheese Promotion Association – don’t know how big the UK’s Imported Cheese Promotion Association is but 21 sounds like a good turnout, so well done Japan.

The event runs Saurday and Sunday from 10am to 4pm and entry is £1.

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