Morrissey – you had probably better stop reading now…

August 5, 2011

Most meat eaters probably don’t want to think too deeply about the killing of the beast that lies upon their plate.  The very word abattoir some find upsetting.  But I think carnivores should probably welcome the opening of a Leicestershire Quality Meat, a  £2 million abattoir in Six Hills, Leicestershire. The new facility will contract slaughter for farmers and butchers and it seems there are plans to establish a co-operative trading enterprise that will supply directly to restaurants and caterers. It will aslo help in the training of  student vets (and trainee butchers) from local colleges.

Matthew O’Callaghan, head of the Melton Food Partnership says it will help reduce food miles, reduce travelling for livestock and help in establishing provenance.

O’Callaghan has led the campaigns to get protected geographic status for pork pies and Stilton and he can clearly feel another campaign coming on: “It will also allow us to apply for protected status for some of our Leicestershire beef and lamb, similar to schemes elsewhere in Scotland, Wales and the Orkney Islands.”



3 Responses to “Morrissey – you had probably better stop reading now…”

  1. […] Morrissey – you had probably better stop reading now… […]


  2. alex said

    ok then – so to all bloggers, where are the best snags to be found in leicester city???


    • riponia said

      Alex – you argot defeats me but wikipedia suggests snag is Australian for sausages, and on that basis I’d probably vote for the merguez from Archers on Queens Rd.


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