Make jam not war

August 10, 2011

All things considered, today I feel we need to hear stories of people co-operating on a human level and trying to build constructive relationships. Looking around for something, anything, heartwarming in the area appropriate to theis blog I was cheered  to see Entropy on Hinckley Road is offering to barter food and drink vouchers in exchange for people’s excess allotment produce.  Yesterday 3kg of damsons were swapped for two pints of lager and at this moment are becoming jam. Contact Tom Cockerill if you’ve got good produce you think he might be interested in.

Northumbrian damsons – what would you do?

Me, I’m just back for a trip up north and actually returned  with a big bag of damsoms from a farm shop in Corbridge. My friend Sylvia who’s an artist introduced me to the fruit and influenced by her I love them as much for their colour as for their taste.  I’m currently trying to decide whether this batch will also become jam or go towards flavouring a bottle of vodka. Anyone else got any good ideas for around 1kg?

One more thing  – best wishes to Cassie and the staff at the Exchange Bar in Leicester’s Cultural Quarter who suffered broken windows last night.  Hope they and everyone else can get back to what passes for normality soon.


One Response to “Make jam not war”

  1. alex said

    surely vodka – anything else would be a crime…


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