A Dish for Leicestershire

August 12, 2011

Leicester’s city centre management organisation LE One is keen to get entries for it’s competition to uncover what it somewhat optimistically calls “Leicestershire’s Favouritie Dish”.

It’s a  simple idea – just send them your recipe, either an old family one or something new you’ve discovered or indeed invented. They want it to be  a “signature dish” of the Cornish Pasty, Lancashire Hotpot variety,  but seem fairly relaxed about what it might be. There’s something of a hint that dishes that reflect Leicester’s diverse cultural mix would be welcomed, but that would seem to allow anything. Apparantly they’ve already had curried shepherd’s pie so don’t do that  – but hopefully you wouldn’t, it does sound a rather desperate attempt at being “diverse”.

Anyhow,  you enter in one of four categories 16-18s, Over 18s, Quirky or Professional.  Four finalists will be selected and these will be cooked by professional chefs at a cook-off and tasted by a panel of judges. There’s a decent prize for the winner  of £1,000 in kitchen equipment from John Lewis and Fenwick’s, with three runners up gaining a place on a cookery course at Maiyango.

Deadline is 4th September and you can enter by visiting  www.leicestershirecookoff.co.uk.


2 Responses to “A Dish for Leicestershire”

  1. […] spent an entertaining lunchtime watching the Leicestershire Cook-Off, a project prompted by Leicester City Centre management body Le-One and designed to come up with a […]


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