October 5, 2011

This is supposed to be a Leicestershire food blog so maybe this post is ultra vires, but then I’ve always thought of Somerstown and the rest of the area around St Pancras as “our” bit of London, so maybe this is relevent after all.

Thanks to my erstwhile colleague Marina O’Loughlin (I’m stretching it a bit here, she reviews restaurants for Metro in London, I used to review for Metro in Leicester. There’s a difference) – for alerting me to the creation of Eat.St just round the back of St Pancras station – a “micro-market” of the best and most interesting street food traders in the capital. Launching on Thursday and Friday this week, early traders include Ribman, who promises baby back pork ribs in hot, homemade marinade either on the bone on off the bone in  a “roll” (this is the local word for cob – quaint eh?). Also paella from Jamon Jamon and Bhangra Burger  – offering among other things a lamb burger with curry in a warm flatbread wrap.

It all sounds ideal for those times when you’re travelling back from t’smoke and you really feel you could do better than a pasty or sandwich from M&S.  So, you fancy I’ve-got-a-10am-meeting-in-Westminster types, let us know your reaction if you are able to check it out (this means you, Alex Stutz).


One Response to “Eat.St”

  1. Charlotte said

    ha ha ha! As I was reading it, I thought ‘this is about Alex’.


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