Spiced quince ice-cream

October 20, 2011


Earlier this week my neighbour appeared on the doorstep with a carrier bag. Did I want some quinces? Yes I did, thank you.  When I was three we had a quince tree outside our block of flats in London SE26 and I made a pre-schoolboy error of picking up a windfall and trying to eat it. Not a good experience and I’ve rather steered clear ever since, but everyone deserves a second chance.

Remarkably a few minutes later I got an email from a new cyberchum and fourth generation ice-cream maker Ben Vear with a link to recipe for autumn-spiced quince ice-cream. Serendipity had struck.  I won’t give you the full recipe here  – please go over to Ben’s site (Ben’s Kitchen Blog) – but it’s straightforward enough if you’re familiar with ice-cream making.  Basically it’s steep some cream and milk with cinnamon and nutmeg, whizz the fruit, make a custard, mix, churn and freeze.

The quinces were a little tricky to deal with – there’s some hardness around the core which is difficult to get rid of and may leave a slighty grittiness even after a prolonged spell in the blender – but they do have a really unusual, perfumed quality. I suspect the ice-cream won’t be to be everyone’s taste, and I’m sure it’s best left as a seasonal speciality rather an everyday flavour, but on this occasion I loved it  – it was all I could not to just eat it up at the custardy stage.

One Response to “Spiced quince ice-cream”

  1. Ben said

    Lovely post Tim and thanks for the mention!


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