Kitchen Cabinet

January 25, 2012

Could be an intriguing evening for food lovers coming up in Melton next month. A new Radio 4 talk show the Kitchen Cabinet is being recorded at the Cattle Market on 7 February from about 6pm. It sounds like a straightforward Gardener’s Question Time format with audience questions, but the panel sounds lively enough: chair is Jay Rayner and other panellists include Allegra McEvedy, Stefan Gates, Rachel McCormack and Peter Barham – consultant food scientist to Heston B and Rene at Noma.

Entrance is free but you need to get a ticket – go here for details:  Kitchen Cabinet details.  I’ve got one  – hope to see you there.

2 Responses to “Kitchen Cabinet”

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  2. […] mentioned a few days back,  I was in Melton last night for the recording of Radio 4′s Kitchen Cabinet. It was a jolly affair with lots of pork pie and stilton related joshing.  My question was one of […]


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