Pop ups for Spring.

February 29, 2012



Good to report that finally there’s some stirrings in Leicester of a pop-up restaurant scene.  Lucy Cufflin of Lucy’s Foods in Stoneygate has teamed up with Powder Blue, an interior décor shop opposite her own store, to stage two nights (sorry, it’s tonight and tomorrow and they are both full), with a locally themed four course menu including “pannacotta of Rutland trout” (not sure about the sound of that), terrine of duck with vine fruit and Muscat jelly, Bouverie Farm venison pudding with Tiger ale, plus apple tart with walnut pastry and Brucciani’s ice-cream. Both nights sold out within a week but if you like the sound of it, go to White Room Dining’s Facebook  page to look for future events.

I have to say I’m not really a Stoneygate kinda guy. But I am definitely attracted by news of a calcotada being held at the lovely Crumblin’ Cookie on High Street.  Calcotadas are Catalan feasts that feature in particular calçots – giant spring onions with romesco sauce.  I heard about them years ago from a friend who went to one with their ex-pat pal near Taragona, but never thought I’d see one in Leicester. Calçotadas are being popularised here by Rachel McCormack (one of the panellists at the recent Kitchen Cabinet recording at Melton), who is behind the website  Catalan Cooking 


The traditional menu includes nibbles, calcots, barbecued meats, crema catalana, fruit and a glass or two of cava, and the idea is very much to have a lot fun. Sounds great.  Have a look at Catalan Cooking  for details, though as of today I don’t think it mentions the Leicester event yet.  Cost is £32 – book with the Crumblin’ Cookie at 68 High Street.

5 Responses to “Pop ups for Spring.”

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  2. Pete said

    Calçotadas sound great fun. Thanks, Tim, for the info. The Leicester event is now flagged on the Catalan Cooking site – Tuesday 10th April, apparently, with the Crumblin’ Cookie number to book 0116 253 1212.

    Will it work with leeks? Worth a try on St David’s day….


  3. Mike & Jessica said

    The Lucy’s Food pop-up was great: A very Stoneygate crowd there, but don’t let that put you off! Fantastic decor, friendly service and great food: The pannacotta was delicious, BTW. Particular favourites were the red cabbage with horseradish, smoked salmon with pea puree (a canape) and a spectacularly gamey duck terrine with Muscat jelly.
    Definitely worth keeping your ear to the ground for: They’re already planning future events.


    • riponia said

      Excellent – I missed it when first annouced a couple of weeks back so you’re obviously well connected – was it through the baking mafia:-)? I know Lucy sells some Virtuous Bread loaves.


      • Mike & Jessica said

        Haha! It’s all J’s doing: I believe she heard about it through The Twitter.
        And don’t diss the Baking Mafia… Have you seen what Piella does at the start of “Wallace & Gromit: A matter of loaf and death”? Be afraid. Be very afraid. (Just kidding ladies!)


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