The Curzon Arms

August 17, 2012

I’ve written positively here before about Sunday lunch at the Curzon Arms in Woodhouse Eaves. Not every report I’ve heard since has been so enthusiastic I but am happy to give them another shout out after a splendid lunch from their regular menu today.  A big thick hunk of sage-roasted pork loin was tender and flavoursome and served on a mountain of what was described as bubble and squeak, though to me it was just (very good) mash and veg. There was also lovely crispy kale giving a salty, iron rich tang like seaweed in oriental cooking and a great cider gravy.  Gill’s herb roasted chicken breast was similarly tender, tasty and generous. It came with roasted new potatoes and chickory which may have the dish a bit monochrome but who really cares – the flavours were excellent.

Desserts were simple but shared the same virtues –  I had three balls of very superior ice-cream, Gill had strawberry and lavender Eton mess which had palyed it too safe on the lavender front but was delicious. At £12.50 for two courses we walked out think this was excellent value. Service from a young team in jeans and t-shirts was friendly and efficient.


3 Responses to “The Curzon Arms”

  1. […] I’ve written positively here before about Sunday lunch at the Curzon Arms in Woodhouse Eaves.  […]


  2. makedospend said

    The Curzon Arms is probably my favourite pub in Leicestershire – especially on a cold Sunday afternoon towards Christmas when the fire is lit and there’s dogs running round your feet!

    Great food, great service, lovely atmosphere


    • riponia said

      I hear ya. The thought went through my mind as I walked out of the restauranty bit and through the pubby bit that this would be lovely on such a day. Just need someone to drive me home afterwards.


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