Sunday lunch at The Font

August 12, 2013

I don’t go out for Sunday lunch all that often, and if I do it’s usually in the countryside. I’ve not really been aware of anywhere in the city that was worth the effort. Yesterday though I made it down to The Font on Gateway St, near De Montfort University and had a pretty good three course at a very reasonable £10 – certainly good enough to make me think of going again.

It’s a big old barn of a bar but has got a nice laid back vibe, a bit in the vein of  Orange Tree bars. Naturally it does a lot of student business, but in the middle of August it was all nicely chilled with a couple of family groups and a few football fans having some quiet ones beforefont- terrine the match.

I’ve heard praise for the pub’s regular menu of standards – the burgers and fish and chips in particular – but on Sundays there’s a pared down menu of two or three choices for each course.  I started with a ham hock terrine. This was remarkably good – well-made, with deeply flavoured ham speckled with parsley and matched with a delicious piccalilli relish and fresh peas and shoots. It would have sat comfortably as a starter in far smarter restaurants.


The main event of roast pork also featured very tasty meat, but the veg were rather disappointing. Greens and carrots were a bit overdone and the roasties and parsnips gave the impression of having hung around a bit long. I should add my pal said they were just the way he likes’em – and I was certainly happy to hoover up everything on the plate. I just felt the kitchen had the potential to do it better.

Finished with a delicious pear frangipane. I’d be surprised if it had been made on site,  but am not sure that’s all that important  – it was a very toothsome piece of cake so what’s to worry? [Edit – I’ve since been assured everything’s made in-house  – so fair play.]


It was all washed down with a few halves of the hugely-hopped and massively-modish Punk IPA from Brewdog. Overall, excellent value and it set me up very nicely for the opening home match of the season. Shame it was such a tedious 0-0 but at least Sunday was not a total waste.

(Thanks to Rob for the photos).


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