The White Swan

September 14, 2013

Very nice lunch yesterday at the White Swan in Shawell. Just south of Lutterworth, it’s amazing to think this peaceful, pretty little village is hard by the carmaggeddon that is the Catthorpe interchange where the M6 and M1 team up.

It’s definitely in the posh country pub category and those who are put off by a pub that has a sign behind the bar telling about its “house champagne” might want to look elsewhere. Less than a year after its major makeover its still very smart and new but its not poncey (and I should say there’s great beer, brewed round the corner by Dow Bridge in Catthorpe, as well champagne). It’s nice, light, airy and most importantly the food is very good and the staff seem to care. I had the no-choice set lunch starting with rib-eye steak with peppercorn sauce with fries and salad. It was great – a lovely steak (from nearby Onley Farm) was well-seasoned, beautifully cooked and the sauce was pitched perfectly to give a little heat but not to deaden the tastebuds. A desert of treacle tart with clotted cream ice-cream and berries was similarly faultless.

Chef Rory McCLean has cooked in top kitchens and it seems to show here with all the details being right – the cooking of the steak, the temperature of the salad (not fridge cold), the quality of the pastry, the sweetness of the raspberries.  You’ll need to book at weekends but definitely one worth checking out.


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