One last word on Kayal…

January 7, 2014

I was very cheered to see a fabulous review of Kayal in the Telegraph at the weekend by Matthew Norman. He went, it seems, out of a sense of sympathy after the events of last autumn and the infamous health inspectors’ night out. He was blown away by the food and urged people to go. You can read the full review here – but if you can’t be bothered I’ll give you a few highlights:

– “imaginative and vibrant”(overall verdict)

– “a rich and gorgeous treat” (adipoli aadu)

– “a taste sensation” (soup)

– “majestic” (the masala dosa)

– “spectacular” (the tilapia)

–  “the food is genuinely superb” (the thali)

– charming and astonishing (the service).

What a great result for this lovely restaurant.



One Response to “One last word on Kayal…”

  1. Ed said

    Visited tonight. Kayal is so consistently good. It should be cherished


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