Developments at The White Peacock

August 22, 2014

Phil Sharp 1

Phil Sharpe at The White Peacock, with artwork commissioned from youth arts charity Soft Touch

I had a good sit down last week with Phil Sharpe, tousled-haired supremo of the White Peacock on New Walk. We had a long chat about his approach to getting involved with local producers and local community groups for a piece for Great Food Club.

We also touched on some interesting aspects of menu development. I visited a couple of times when it first opened and found the restaurant delightful and the food to be beautifully cooked and presented, but lacking a bit of adventure. Flavours were all a bit muted. Phil more or less admitted he played it a bit safe to begin with – he had no day off between finishing his head chef role at Maiyango and opening his own place and so maybe dish development got a little lost in getting everything else sorted.

Some eight months down the line and the reins are starting to be loosened. He sets monthly menus and gives his team a challenge to change and develop dishes over three months, encouraging everyone to look at the strengths of a dish and the potential to refine or develop it.

“We’re also trying out the molecular approach, and our customers definitely welcome us being more creative,” said Phil.  “We produced a deconstructed mozzarella tart starter with caramelised onion ice-cream and basil powder – it’s been flying out the kitchen. More popular than scallops even.”

At weekends Phil reckons 50 per cent of his customers go for the eight-course tasting menu at £45 which currently takes in the likes of goat’s cheese mousse, kalamata olive crisp, pickled beetroot, pine nut dressing  and roasted woodpigeon with apple and stilton risotto, port and blueberry jus.

It’s good to be reminded that Leicester city centre does offer adventurous cooking and that there’s a market for it. Probably time to give it another go.

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