March 4, 2015

My latest Leicester Mercury review features Bill’s, the newest chain restaurant in Highcross. I can’t say I liked it much. I’d heard positive things about the two first branches in Lewes and Brighton as being bright and breezy places with good food and a sense of individuality. But the marketing guys  who took over and have rolled it put around the country seem to have squashed the life out of the food – dull and fairly lifeless in the main. It’s an attractive setting but given the average food you can’t help reflect on style over substance.

I don’t enjoy having to criticise places – and certainly have sympathy with the staff in chains such as this who work hard for low pay and do their best to look after clients. But I don’t have much time for the business. I note for example, that an ‘optional’ 10 per cent service charge is added to the bill at Bill’s and, according to a complaint by the union Unite, this is used  to make up staff’s basic hourly rate. Not good.

This tends to be even more galling when you consider that Bill’s expansion is being financed by one Richard Caring, a restaurant and clothing industry entrepreneur worth around £800 million and who loves his country so much he built himself a big house known as the Versailles of Hampstead, but clearly not enough to register himself as domiciled for tax purposes. And while he doesn’t like giving money to the government, he has managed to find £413,000 over the last five years to give to the political party that runs the government. If you want to know more about Mr Caring and his intriguing relationship with HSBC’s Geneva branch,  you can find it in this article from that left-wing firebrand publication the Daily Mail.



One Response to “Bill’s”

  1. Rob Martin said

    that’s me never eating at Bill’s then…


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