Hitting the Leicester Tapas Trail

September 18, 2015

Earlier this week I was able – very briefly – to join a couple of other local food writers on the Leicester Tapas Trail. This is a great initiative by one of our number – Laura of the blog Extreme Housewifery – who returned from one of her regular jaunts to Spain feeling that Leicester really needed a tapas culture. So she set about trying to create one.

In the UK there’s been something of an elision between tapas and small-plate dining.  We have “tapas restaurants” where you go for a meal. In Catalan and Spanish tradition it’s more about something nice to nibble while you enjoy a drink. So Laura’s plan was to approach independent bars, including those not really thought of for their food, and propose a trial trail that would see them offer a drink and a small dish at £3.

So now we have the Tapas Trail, running from 11 September to 18 October and taking in venues including Bossa, The Exchange, The Rutland and Derby, 33 Cank Street, Firebug and Natterjacks. Each venue has created its own precise offer  – the Exchange for example offers a half of ale or lager and a special anti-pasti platter created for the trail including artisan bread and a little prosciutto ham, mozzarella, sundried tomato and rocket dressed with olive oil and balsamic. 

The Exchange's Tapas Trail board (pic borrowed from Extreme Housewifery)

The Exchange’s Tapas Trail board (pic borrowed from Extreme Housewifery)

I joined in at Bossa, where newly-established in house caterer Roxy’s Kitchen offers something from its wide range of streetfood snacks along with half of West 4 lager. We had a sizeable bowl of warming five bean chilli with tacos, some nicely meaty mushrooms stuffed with grilled blue cheese and some  – in truth slightly mushy and under-seasoned – falafel with minty edamame bean dip.

For £3  these are great bargains and might just get us going on the drink-and-a-bite culture which has a lot going for it.

If you see the posters when you happen to be out and about, get stuck in. If you want to plan a visit – might be worth checking here on Extreme Housewifery to check availability.

tapas trail banner


2 Responses to “Hitting the Leicester Tapas Trail”

  1. Morrighani said

    Thanks for coming along!


  2. Thanks Tim,
    I had no idea that there was so much tapas in Leicester.
    I feel a ‘tapas tour’ is needed.


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